Tuesday, 30 September 2008

my achy steaky heart

Last week was National Vegetarian Week. People all over celebrated herbivorous behavior like it was going out of fashion. Mung bean this, tofu that…suffice to say that it’s possible means there are a lot of meat protein-starved peeps out there looking for a carnivorous fix.

So what better than a round up of the 5 best steaks under $15.00 in Inner-City Sydney?
The great thing about a cheap steak is that a) There’s more money for beer and b) You don’t feel guilty paring it with Tomato or BBQ sauce. Somebody hand me the HP…

Strawberry Hills Hotel (453 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills)

In Sydney, $5.00 can buy you an hour’s street parking, a latte with not much change left over…and you’d think that’s about it.

Strawberry Hills has withstood the pressure to hike prices up, making this establishment one of the only homes of the $5.00 steak left in Sydney. It’s even served with chips and salad mind you; you don’t just get a hunk of meat on a plate sans the trimmings here.

It isn’t exactly Kingsley's, but it is a great old-man pub atmosphere, a cold beer with dinner..And did I mention that it costs $5.00?!

Dick’s Hotel (89 Beattie St, Balmain)

A little further to travel out, but a trip across the bridge to Balmain will find you in pub heaven. The suburb with the most pubs per capita in Sydney is a suburb to be proud of.
Locals are fans of the domed restaurant attached to the pub, where tradies and families alike hang out for a meal and a bevy from lunch to dinner.

Whilst there are more exotic items on the menu such as crab-meat linguine with cherry tomatoes and rocket, the $10 steaks from Monday to Wednesday are what gets this pub on the list as well as a self-respecting selection of Aussie beers and wines at respectable prices.

Foresters (336 Riley St Surry Hills)

One of the original proponents of the $5.00 steak, inflation and an unstable economy not only make petrol pricey, but it has also sadly affected that nice round numbered price tag. Now it’s $7 steak nights on Mondays and Tuesdays, but that doesn’t stop the locals from supporting Foresters as a Sydney icon of steaky-proportions.

Look out for cheap mid-week cocktails and a pretty decent wine list.

Captain Cook Hotel (162 Flinders Street, Moore Park)

A beer garden, a no-fuss location and an $8 rump steak. Many a pub-crawl has started here and with a sizable indoor and outdoor section, you can hook up with the crew from work or uni and split a few jugs to go with your steak. Served with a choice of mash, chips or steamed vegetables and a selection of classic sauces: Peppercorn, Dianne, and Mushroom. And if you’re feeling particularly cashed up, try the $15.00 a T-bone.

Shakespeare Hotel (200 Devonshire St Surry Hills)

Friday evenings see the pub crowd spill out of the old-school interior of the pub and onto the sidewalk, London-style. Innit. There are several great things about the Shakey (as the local 20 something alcoholic population call it). Amongst these are their ability to expertly pour a Guinness the way it should be done, their proximity to Mohr Fish’s take-away chips (eaten on the footpath, schooner in hand) and the Shakey’s $10 Rump Steak. Served with ubiquitous mash and salad, there really isn’t anything more comforting than an ice-cold beer after work accompanied by your old mate, steak.