Monday, 29 September 2008


As published in 3DWorld Magazine

Shop 3, 72 Gould St
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Phone (02) 9300 0079

Being so close to the sea, Bondi is surprisingly sparse when it comes to Japanese restaurants, considering how popular seafood, sushi and sashimi can be with such a coastal location.

Yes, there’s Rawbar, but if you’re after something little more low-key (on the pocket as well as the vibe), then Myoko fits the bill perfectly.

With all the trendy clothing shops on Gould Street and the size 6s that shop there, there’s no surprise that sushi is a preferred option if one hopes to retain the figure of a twelve year old boy. If that’s what you’re into.

Regardless of if you’re a fashionista or not, Myoko fare is delicious. The ever-popular sushi train, pumps out favourites from lunchtime into dinner such as Edamame, Salmon Sashimi and fancier dishes such as Salmon and Avocado Sushi, topped with Mayonnaise infused Crabmeat..Yum. If you can’t find what you’re after, you can order sushi and sashimi ala carte style from the handy picture menu, and the guys with the knives in the kitchen are more than happy to accommodate any requests that you may have.

If the sound of raw fish isn’t your vibe, there’s a cooked ala carte menu that lists a range of popular favourites. Myoko’s Agadashi Tofu is crisp on the outside and silken on the inside, surrounded by a delicious Dashi (stock) and melting bonito flakes. The Teriyaki Beef is a must try for carnivores – tender and deliciously well-marinated. The Crisp Soft Shell Crab is seasoned Salt & Pepper style and there’s something quite novel about eating an entire crab.

Don’t miss out on the excellent house-made Gyoza either – the mixture of pork and vegetables is steamed and then pan-fried and one of Myoko’s house favourites.

Sun, surf, shopping and Sushi. Great alliteration, tasty combination.


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Just wondering if you've ventured into Makizo yet on New South Head Road, I think it's Double Bay...

Melissa said...

No, not yet. I was always hoping for a Japanese restaurant to be near me when I was living in Woollahra...and the second I move, BAM. Figures :)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

We've been getting take away (after our kids go to bed) since we live down the street from it. I've never been inside the place, my husband goes-- but the food has been really good. My husband said the owners are always there and are very nice.