Thursday, 4 September 2008


417 Crown Street
Surry Hills, 2010

Sydney-siders sure do like to whinge about how Melbourne has some awesome bars and "why don't we have them here, wahhh!"

Well, with the new NSW licensing laws, we finally have hope to become a not-so-lame competitor to Melbourne's cool underground-esque bar scene. So with all these new bars popping up everywhere, there are fewer excuses not to have a mid-week sip.

Yulli's has just opened a few doors down from Mille (so hot 2 seconds ago) Vine, to compete for a slightly lower key crowd. The interior leave some question to whether the interior designer was a) on crack, b) having a bad week or c) pinewood paneling is coming back and I didn't get the memo, but that aside, the space is relaxed, warm and the service friendly.

...and they have a cracking beer lineup. The beers from local breweries such as Red Oak as well as Murray’s Pilsner and a whole host of options when it comes to longnecks. This just might be the perfect solution for guys who don't want to feel pansy in a bar with their girlfriends, but still try something a bit different on the beer front.

The blackboard menu of tapas-style eats is fairly pedestrian, with grilled haloumi, arancini balls, etc, so no points for breaking sonic food barriers, but do give a good backdrop to the great beer selection.

Come here if you want a lower key, less wanky option for a Crown Street drinking experience.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, but where pray tell do I go if I want a 'lower key, less wanky' Crown Street bar revue? I do thank you however for the suggestion on how I could be made feel 'less pansy'.

melissa leong said...

Firstly, I wrote a 'review'. A 'revue' is a genre of theatrical performance, so if you're going to diss me on my own blog, get your definitions or at least your spelling right.

Secondly, if the reviews are so wanky, why are you ...still...reading...?

Thanks for being a fan!

Love and fluff,


Anonymous said...

Food and service is great at this place great desserts!!!!!!!!!

Frances said...

The girls and I decided to try Yulli's last night mainly for the vegetarian selection and we were all impressed, we started with delicious entrees and finished with a beautiful warm fudge brownie and ice cream! If you are looking for an intimate atmosphere, friendly staff and great good (that is healthy) on crown street this is your place. I highly recommend it! 10 out of 10!

Anonymous said...

I've been here with friends a couple times to kill the wait for a table at Pizza and Beer across the street. When my friend suggested going there for a drink this Friday night, this strange feeling swept over me... I actually didn't cringe at the thought of going to a Sydney bar.

Lowkey and homey, this is a stellar counterpoint to the Clock, White Horse, and Dolphin, which are like rock stadium bars fit to hold 4,000 people. Great beers and terrific service.

melissa leong said...

I totally agree on the low key aspect of this place being such a winner. I know of several similar venues opening over the next few months I think you may like...stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to this place for the fourth time tonight, I really like it :)))
Especially the neon lights suspended from the ceilings...

Karl Cooney said...

Hey all,
My name is Karl and my girlfriend Dan and I own Yulli's. Thanks for all of the positive comments, and Melissa, thanks for opening the forum. Just wanted to let you know the address is incorrect, it's 417 Crown St.



fooderati/mel said...

Sorry Karl - I've amended the details so people don't get lost on the way to your bar - congratulations on your place, I think a lot of people agree that Crown St is much the better for it!

Karl Cooney said...

Thanks Melissa - for the update and the thumbs up, much appreciated!

krg said...

Yulli's definitely makes Sydney a better place to be, and I'd just like to mention that it's also Sydney's best vegetarian restaurant, which no one has seemed to notice. The beer-swilling veggos thank you, Yulli's.

Jodie said...

Yulli's rocks - the food yum, the interior is awesome (crack?!)and Karl is a legend.
Love the Aussie beers too