Monday, 3 November 2008

two good eggs

Shop 2
148 Goulburn St
Surry Hills 2010 NSW
Phone: (02) 9283 9694

It's no secret that Surry Hills, that bit down near Commonwealth and Brisbane Streets has become a bit of a hotbed of cool new cafes and restaurants. And home to some of the best coffee in the city. Some, like Single Origin are unfortunately not open on the weekends (hear our cries!!) but those like Two Good Eggs are; and are reaping the appreciation of the local crowd.


This end of town is home to hip design stores, trendy advertising agencies and art spaces so it's no surprise that the interior of this little corner block is tastefully minimal and sufficiently cool for the Surry Hills peeps. A mixture of clean-lined furniture and splashes of red is accented by dark wood tables and a chic layout.

There are only a few tables in here, so be prepared to wait during peak time on the weekends. And if you're forward thinking enough, you can book. Yes folks, this is thankfully one of precious few cafes you can actually reserve a table in Surry Hills. Straight A’s, kids.


The service is warm and friendly and the coffee is Campos- enough said for a great start to the morning. But once you're done with your coffee - there's plenty of choice the whet the appetite, regardless of whether you're after breakfast or lunch.


Try the Torte Delta - a spinach tart of homemade Italian origins...lush looking and densely green, a little bit spicy and a solid left-of-centre choice for breakfast.

If you're more into traditional breakfast fare, these guys do a value-for-money Big Breakfast, consisting of eggs done the way you like and a choice of sides for a modest $15..try finding that elsewhere in the city. Add to this the fact that almost everything is sourced from Sydney pedigree stock such as AC Butchery small goods, Sonoma Bakery breads and organic ingredients like the flour and cruelty-free eggs…you can convince yourself that you're doing something good for your body as well as your conscience.


Other standout choices here include the frittata and the Wagyu beef burger (those poor cows are in such demand these days).

Since changing ownership in July, this place is still in it’s fledgling stages and still need to learn a bit about the cafĂ© game, but at least it’s good to know that if they lose your order, they’ll make up for it by throwing in a free coffee or freshly squeezed juice to apologise...bless their cotton socks.