Wednesday, 8 April 2009

happy easter

Forget chocolate (you'll get fat), or even egg recipes (cholesterol) - It's all about cooking the bunny for Easter.

I was joking about the chocolate and the eggs, but...rabbit! As they say in LOL Speak.."Nom nom nom nom. Nom."

Bunny boiler jokes aside, there's just something so cute and tasty about cooking rabbit and I don't think Australians fully appreciate how great a meat it can really be (just ask the French).

A few months ago, I had a great Macleay Valley rabbit cannaloni with fresh peas, and a porcini mushroom sauce in Bowral. It was a bit rich for a summer meal...but now that the weather has finally snapped, there's no excuse to start cooking more hearty dishes.

Here are a few great (relatively simple) recipes I've found for you to try:

...Starting with rabbit lasagne with truffled bechamel sauce. Ok, so 'truffle-scented/infused/overloaded' is a bit 'done' but in this case, I think rabbit can carry off a trace of truffle without overpowering the dish.

It's a simple roasted rabbit and roux (white sauce) recipe, with a bit of truffle oil for good (stinky) measure. I'd add some fresh garden peas for a bit of colour and texture.

Over to France and rabbit cooked in cider. I like this recipe mostly because you get to play with fire (insert evil laugh here) when you light the Calvados (brandy from Normandy).

And lastly, rabbit braised with mustard and carrots. It may be evil of me, but I have an image of Bugs Bunny chewing a carrot when I read this recipe (you know, rabbits, carrots...get it...?)

So happy long weekend, Easter, Good Yontif, etc...and enjoy some bunny!

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