Monday, 4 May 2009

pig panic

According to the mass media, if the past few weeks are anything to go by, we're in the middle of a full blown pandemic. They'll have you believe that if you merely look sideways at a piece of bacon, pork cutlet or a Mexican, you're (bacon on) toast.

Whilst the news can be a powerful source of information, you don't need to be deeply cynical to be aware of the fact that the press will report anything these days, as long as it sells. And sensationalism might sell newspapers, but the flipside is that there's always a fall out. In this case, Australian pork producers have been battling to defend the fact that Aussie pork products are more than fine to consume: As if Australian farmers haven't had enough of a tough time lately.

With the intent of setting the record straight, here are a few facts about Swine flu, aka. H1N1 aka. Mexican flu (the Israelis won't say 'swine'):

Are we at risk? The short answer is a big, fat, oinking 'NO'

- Swine flu is a mutated combination of AVIAN, swine and human flu strands.

- The illness developed initially from swine to human; however you cannot contract the illness from hanging out with our pink little friends in Australia.

- The World Health Organisation (WHO) maintains that it is safe to eat properly prepared and handled pork.

In Egypt, the cull of 300,000 pigs was met with anger and frustration by farmers, and fair cop – it was completely unnecessary, says Brian Whitaker of the Guardian (UK), going on to state, as many have, that it’s not a swine influenza, but a human one.

So put down the panic, pick up a fork and get back to the Berkshire...cos the only bad porkies are the ones ill-informed journalists are spreading

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Simon Food Favourites said...

i cooked pancetta with fettucini this week and was lovely. love my pork!
s :-)