Thursday, 5 November 2009

the macaron list

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie
296 Darling Street Balmain
Open from 8.00am

In the lead up to Adriano Zumbo's Macaron Day - a celebration of the big AZ's birthday, the kitchen is going at it hammer and tongs to create the ambitious 60 flavours of macaron for tomorrow's event.

Adriano's Zumboloopas hard at work

While Zumbo is yet to make it to 60, here are the 45 you'll be able to battle for tomorrow:

1. Black truffle
2. Cheeseburger
3. Liquorice
4. Rice pudding
5. Finger bun
6. Popcorn
7. Mastic, yoghurt, cucumber and mint
8. Iced Vovo
9. Vegemite sourdough
10. Peanut butter
11. Pink grapefruit
12. Strawberry bubblegum
13. Mango and tonka bean
14. Cheesecake
15. Goats cheese and blueberry
16. Burnt butter
17. Burnt toast and butter
18. Maple syrup, bacon and pancake
19. Fig and blackcurrant
20. Strawberries and cream
21. Caramello Koala
22. Blue cheese and pear
23. Doughnut
24. Golden Gaytime
25. Avocado
26. Pan d’epice
27. Turkish delight
28. Neopolitan
29. Olive oil and rosemary
30. Carrot cake
31. Toasted marshmallow
32. Chocolate and red wine
33. Chocolate and mint
34. Chocolate and praline
35. Chocolate and passionfruit
36. Mexican chocolate
37. Tanzanian salted chocolate
38. Plantation chocolate
39. Chocolate citrus
40. Chocolate foie gras
41. Raspberry chocolate
42. Chocolate and salted caramel
43. Green tea
44. Date and orange
45. Lamington


Adriano will be dropping down to the patisserie from 11.00am, so be sure to drop round and wish the big guy 'happy birthday'. My tip? Get there early to avoid disappointment!


Anonymous said...

What a mouth watery pictures ! Excellent one .