Tuesday, 16 February 2010

march into merivale


At the risk of repeating what everyone other blogger in Sydney will probably write about March Into Merivale - the launch on Wednesday, the subsequent media dinners this week that you, the punter didn't go to - this post is dedicated to telling you about how to get a little more bang for your buck in March.

This month, grab a bargain on Merivale - the Hemmes-driven hospitality machine, hell bent on making you have a great time, dammit.

In the spirit of Sydney Festival and Sydney International Food Festival, the $33 lunch/dinner special makes an appearance during March, a bid to rescue you from the kitchen (where you'll probably hurt yourself) and trying some new tucker, created by some of Sydney's best chefs, including Lauren Murdoch, Dan Hong and Peter Doyle.

Restaurants taking part include: est, sushi e, Uccello, Mad Cow, Bistro CBD, Lotus, Ash Street Cellar, Teppanyaki and Sushi Choo.

Fooderati's top picks:


Fillet of veal, mparrettati, mushroom sauté and baby beans

Sushi Choo

Bento box - mixed sashimi plate, beef tataki and tuna avocado salad with wasabi soy and truffle dressing

Plus (from thee options):

Deep fried prawn dressed with kataifi shredded pastry with aonori (dried seaweed) salt


Grilled sirloin with carrot puree, wasabi butter and red wine sauce

The deals include a glass of vino or ice-cold suds to wash it down, too. The menus also change fortnightly throughout the event, so you can have more than one bite at the cherry.

If you fancy your meal a little more low-key, the Royal George, Slip Inn and CBD are offering TWO main meals plus wine or beer for the $33 price tag.

Check out more details, including other event dinners and tastings here.


Simon Food Favourites said...

i think lots of punters ended up going to the Launch. hence why it was so packed. i'm keen to try the Mad Cow Rangers valley wagyu flank steak, 200g — that would be my pick :-)

Ben said...

Sydney has even more surprises lined up for you guys, apart from our Melissa here! Check out the
Cabbie-oke cabs running in the weekends...some of my frnds have already appeared and have voted - makes them cool ain't it mates?