Thursday, 20 May 2010

open sesame

As heard on FBi Radio (click here for the podcast)
Winter certainly seems to be the time to open restaurants in Sydney. We've seen a spate of Italian flavoured restaurants of late, with Manly Pavillion, The Corner House and La Scala, but here are a few whispers in the industry for you to keep an eye on.

Cotton Duck
50 Holt Street, Surry Hills

Opening: Early July 2010

Jared Ingersoll is best known for being 'that crazy kiwi' on Ready, Steady, Cook, as well as for his chic urban eatery Dank Street Depot, which started in Waterloo when Dank Street wasn't the foodie mecca it is today.

8 years on, he's self admittedly "sick of toasting sandwiches and poaching eggs", so he's opening a new restaurant on Surry Hill's Holt Street, just up from Italian favourite Vini. Named after the building's textile heritage and the fact that the ducks on the rooftop pond used to routinely get blown off and land on people down in the street during high winds, Cotton Duck will have the same sustainable, ethical produce focus, but the cuisine will be the kind that shows what Ingersoll is truly capable of, outside of the cafe environment.

17-19 Alberta Street, Surry Hills

Opening: Mid June, 2010

Speaking of Vini, owner Andrew Cibej is expanding his Italian empire, with the entrance of a new Italian wine shop in the same building as Jared Ingersoll's new Cotton Duck (just across the alley way from Vini), but the team are also opening a new wine bar up the way, at the bottom of Oxford Street. Berta will serve some of the incredible wines that front of house maestro Georgio sources from the mother country, as well as salumi and cheese plates and other small dishes to nibble on.

Say hi to Kristen - Vini's cheese-making, guerilla dinner-throwing manager is heading over to Berta to steer the ship.

Ms G's
155 Victoria Street, Potts Point
Opening: July/August 2010

Merivale has purchased the Victoria Street site that once was Italian restaurant, Ego and before that, Neil Perry's domain. After March's David Chang explosion of Momofuku rage in Melbourne and Sydney, Merivale's new restaurant will be headed up by Lotus' Dan Hong and will feature Asian-style 'tapas', in a similar style to Chang's New York empires momofuku noodle bar, ssäm bar, ko, milk bar & má pêche.

After Hong's triumphant David Chang dinner in March, where our local boy cooked the American Korean man mountain's food, this will be one to watch. Get in before the masses go gaga. In the meantime, check out Hong's food at Lotus, around the corner.