Friday, 20 August 2010

4 cheese: a jolly good fellow

(as heard on FBi Radio)

There's cheese, and there's cheese. A few weeks ago, Sweetie begged for another tasting segment on FBi (I wonder whether the sole reason for having me on the show is to feed this ravenous duo), so what better excuse to indulge a love of cheese, by doing a live-to-air tasting.

Here are 4 cheeses you need to know:


The Australia raw milk cheese debate may have some people arguing about which is better, but at least we can taste the fruits of Europe's more relaxed laws through imported unpasturised cheese.

Manchego is a DOC cheese from La Mancha in Spain. A hard cheese, made with sheep's milk, it must be aged for at least 12 months, but can be as old as 3 years.

The thick, aromatic milk from La Mancha produces a rich cheese that can vary from stark white, to a slightly yellowish hue and is characteristically nutty or olivey in flavour.

Bleu De Basque

Another sheep's milk cheese, Bleu De Basque is a semi-firm, slightly crumbly blue cheese originating in the Pyrénées, France. A relatively modern cheese, it was only created in the 1980's by a farmer's co-op and features bluish-grey veins. The hills where this cheese is produced is full of wildflowers and fresh grass that give the milk its complexity, subtlety, and lightness. Bleu des Basques tastes like a combination of earthy spiciness with hints of apricot. Great with mustard fruits.


If you like your cheese stinky, soft and creamy then Epoisse is for you. Originating in Bourgogne in France, it's a washed-rind cow's milk cheese. Washed in lightly salted water and ripened in humid cellars, the texture is soft and sticky with spicy aromas. After 4 weeks, the rind is rinsed with Marc de Bourgogne, a French Brandy.


Chevre literally means 'goat'..and in this case, a cheese made from goat's milk. Chevre can come in a wide range of forms, from soft farmer's cheeses to fully cured firm varieties. Chevre also runs the flavor gamut, with some retaining a characteristic tart flavor while other chevres are much more mild and buttery. 

The cheese sourced for this tasting comes courtesy of Bottega Rotolo NSW and can be found at Fourth Village Deli, Mosman and other fine cheese purveyors.