Friday, 29 October 2010

top 5 cookbooks you should get this season

It's fast approaching Christmas and for foodies, there humble cookbook makes a pretty perfect gift to receive. With literally dozens of new cookbooks flooding the bookshelves in stores at the moment, here's the fooderati pick of the bunch, for the cookbook collector in your life:

1. Noma, Rene Redzepi (Phaidon Press)

#1 restaurant in the world, Noma's owner/head chef Rene Redzepi is responsible for pushing Nordic cuisine into the spotlight on the world food stage. At the age of 32, Redzepi is one of the most influential chefs in the world - his first book showcases the inspiration, creativity and how the concept of 'time and place' is central to the way this man works. Beautiful photography, too.

2. Quay, Peter Gilmour (Murdoch Books)

In Australia's own stable of top chefs, Peter Gilmour sits pretty at the top. Here's another stunning example of nature-based philosophy and organic presentation that echoes in modern haute cuisine. For sweet lovers, there's incredible eight-textured chocolate cake as well as a few signature dishes that the restaurant is known for. There's lots to build on here - from simple to show stopping.

3. Bentley, Brent Savage (Murdoch Books)

The skills behind Surry Hill's own Bentley Restaurant & Bar, for your take-home pleasure. Dropping the curtain on Savage's kitchen secrets, this book is as good for at-home masterchefs, through to bonafide professionals. There's handy step-by-step photography and instructions on modern cooking techniques used in Brent's kitchen, including sous vide, as well as food and wine flavour pairings. 

4. Rockpool, Neil Perry (New Holland)

Our very own Iron Chef, Neil Perry opened his award-winning restaurant "The Rockpool" in 1989. This collection of over 100 recipes covers everything from canapes to desserts and includes some of Rockpool's signature dishes. The book is a collection of simplified-for-home recipes that encapsulate Neil's east/west style, technique and understanding of balance and flavour.

5. 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down and Eat, Stephane Renaud (Murdoch Books)

Wordy titles aside, this book from St├ęphane Reynaud is based on a recipe for every day of the year, including breakfasts, one-pan wonders, succulent roasts,  salads, cocktails and everything in between. It's an irreverent selection of dishes to inspire every meal. There's also a handy seasonal calendar and a series of time-saving cooking tip, making this book a home-kitchen staple.

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