Friday, 1 November 2013

sweet tooth alert: October's round up of epic meal endings

Sometimes, a little indulgence is a good thing. Sometimes, a lot of indulgence is a great thing. Whatever floats your boat, if you're a sweet fiend, Sydney is really flashing some thigh at the moment. Here's a round up of 3 great new desserts you should try.

1. Bunuelos, Restaurant Nomad

Balls. Everyone loves them. These ones are crusted in sugar and come 4 at a time. Ordinarily, donuts are only great because of the icing - the actual pastry itself can leave a little to be desired. Not so at Nomad. The texture is bouncy and light, which contrasts well with the sugary crunch of the outer, and soaks up the vanillary custard dunking goodness beautifully. Traditionally a dish popularised by the Spanish and the South American, they're a fun way to finish a meal at this bloody fantastic new restaurant.

Restaurant Nomad
16 Foster Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

2. Soft serve, Hartsyard

Good things cost more than 30c per serve and Hartsyard's soft serves are far from your average bear, Boo Boo. You know when someone as diabolical as Gregory Llewellyn gets his hands on a soft serve machine, good and bad things are going to happen. And you're going to love it. Move over, epic birthday cakes, Hartsyard's new dessert start is here. Rotating regularly (so you have every excuse for a weekly visit), expect flavour combinations like coco pop milk, covered in chocolate and topped with dehydrated raspberries, dark chocolate with salted chocolate topping and cheesecake with lime jelly abd coconut. Woof.

33 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042

3. The cheese course, Vincent

Cheese is like wine - it gets better with age...especially when the maker is concerned. In this case, Vincent defies the odds as chef James Herd only started making cheese for newcomer Vincent about a year or so ago. You wouldn't know it though. The white mould cheese is oozy, creamy and seems to have a life force of its own, and is simply served with lavosh, thinly sliced toast...and that's it. If you're not a sweet fiend, but you love your dessert, look no further.

14 Queen Street, Woollahra


Unknown said...

Soft serve at Hartsyard? Last time I was there was probably nearly a year ago now and that definitely wasn't on the menu - I'll have to go again!

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