Wednesday, 1 October 2014

just drive

FBi Radio Friday 26 September 2014

In light of this season's supporter drive being all about...well, driving, I thought we'd look at drive ins or places to go that involve driving and food. That's basically as much thought as we put into this week's Friday Delicious. Er...yeah. If you're fortunate enough to have a vintage vehicle, or access to one, jump in and cruise on down to one of these high octane numbers:

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

Even the name says it all! While not all of the Harry's franchises are drive-in-able, their outpost on the Princes Highway in Tempe has all the charm of small town American diner drive in restaurants...or as much of that charm as this little lucky country can channel. The beauty of the Harry's experience is our very own take on American diner food, with an Aussie accent. Pie floaters with peas, gravy and mash is the hero (Aka. Harry's Pie), but the hotdogs are also a totally respectable  option (go the chilli dog with cheese). Open late (11pm Sunday through Wednesday, Midnight Thursdays and 2am Fridays and Saturdays), it's the perfect late night snack date on the way home from the movies.

886-896 Princes Hwy, Tempe NSW 2044
(02) 9558 4969

Torque Bar & Grill

What started out as a sales yard for motorcycles has now turned into a kustom car mecca and occasional rockabilly hang (preferably for those who own aforementioned kustom cars). Offering up diner style vibes from breakfast till late, the mammoth menu contains everything from caramelised banana pancakes to burgers and a grill firing up racks of ribs, steaks, spare parts (sides) and lubricants (gravy, bro). If you've driven a long way, the Holy Crap challenge may just be for you (we love a food challenge at FBi). It involves a 500g steak, a parmigiana, a monster burger, chips and a beer. And if you can finish it in 45 minutes, you go on the hall of fame wall and take home a t-shirt. SCORE! Channel Grease, get dressed up and check out the website for upcoming rockabilly gig dates to really get into the mood.

153-165 Parramatta Rd, Concord NSW 2137
1300 688 600

Rising Sun Workshop

Ok, so this one's a bit of a tease. For the past few months, Newtown has been lucky enough to be home to semipermanent pop up, Rising Sun Workshop. Part motorcycle workshop, part cafe, part ramen mecca, it's the kind of place you just want to hang out at, regardless of whether you got there on two wheels, or four. While last weekend saw Rising Sun close its doors, all is not lost! Rumour has it that it will be returning bigger and better in just a few months, just a block or two away. The new space will encompass a bar, a bigger dining/cafe space and all the high octane action you could hope for.

Watch this space right here for all the latest as it happens: